KFC Are Releasing A Pizza Version Of The Double Down

KFC CHizza

Chicken heaven.

Have you ever ordered a pizza and then you’re eating it and you think that the only thing that could possibly make it better is if the base was made of fried chicken?

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It’s an unusual thought sure, but people have thought that over the years and that’s the reason why KFC have invented the Chizza. It’s a shit name, but it’s all your dreams come true.

The Chizza involves a fried chicken breast covered in pizza marinade, turkey bacon, cheese and cheese sauce. If that hasn’t got you foaming at the mouth just by its description, then check out the video of it being made below:

Oh man. Could seriously do with one of those right about now.

You know the score already though if you’re a regular visitor to Sick Chirpse. That’s right, it’s not available in the UK and you’re currently only able to purchase it in Singapore. I hope at least one person reading this is planning on passing through soon.

All is not lost though – if you head up to Middlesborough they’ve been making this delicacy for years and they call it a Parmo. If you’ve never heard of it then go grab one immediately, and then check out these other delicacies from the north too.


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