KFC Korea Launches The Double Down King

It’s a burger between two pieces of fried chicken, naturally.

We’ve featured a lot of high calorie treats here on Sick Chirpse with the best (?) probably being the ultimeatum but this offering from KFC Korea might give it a run for its money.

There isn’t really much to say about it beside the obvious – that it’s a burger that has ditched the bread for two pieces of fried chicken. Of course cheese and bacon are included too like any good burger. I’m not really sure how practical it would be to eat – surely it’s going to be fairly difficult to bit into three lumps of meat at the same time? – but it looks like it would be delicious to have maybe once in your lifetime if you weren’t planning on eating anything for a few days afterwards. More than that is probably way too much.

The Double Down King is a descendant from the Double Down which was just a piece of bacon, cheese and sauce wedged between two pieces of fried chicken. As the Double Down was only released in Korea and never made it to the UK it seems unlikely that the Double Down King will either, but hey we can dream right? If anyone over there’s eaten one and wants to tell us what it’s like, please get in touch.

Double Down King


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