KFC Is No Longer ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Thanks To Coronavirus

This is getting out of control.

Coronavirus’s path of destruction has just claimed its latest victim – KFC’s iconic ‘finger lickin’ good’ slogan.

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According to the New York Post, the famous slogan is being suspended indefinitely:

For chicken heads who refuse to let a single juicy morsel of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s “special blend of 11 herbs and spices” go to waste, you might want to consider utensils.

That’s because the Southern-style fast food chain is suspending their iconic “finger lickin’ good” advertising campaign — a move to preserve the health of their customers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Colonel Sanders slogan originated in 1956.

Man, coronavirus really is not messing around at all. It came for the NBA, the Premier League, the NHL, the MLB and The Masters, not to mention it’s delayed the new Fast & Furious film and shut down Disney Land. As if all that wasn’t bad enough it’s now come for KFC.

Seriously though, was this even necessary? I mean I get why they’re doing it but it’s not like everyone out there eating KFC is licking their fingers because of orders from Colonel Sanders or the people that have been impersonating him since he died. Is suspending ‘finger lickin’ good’ really going to help the fight against the virus?

I guess it doesn’t really matter either way, but it is a bit depressing that KFC is no longer ‘finger lickin’ good’. Coronavirus can’t piss off soon enough.

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