KFC Is Bringing The Legendary Double Down Back For A Limited Period


I remember that for such a long period of time we had all heard of the legendary KFC Double Down burger but never actually experienced it in the flesh and then it showed up on these shores and was pretty much everything that we had ever wanted – but then it disappeared almost as soon as it had arrived, like a thief in the night, never to be seen again.

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Until now that is. Turns out that KFC have realised what a bummer 2020 has been for the majority of us and this has led them to bring back the Double Down once again to try and cheer us all up, even if it is only for a limited time again. The classic burger (is it actually a burger?) will be available from Monday October 5th until November 15th via KFC stores or Uber Eats and will set you back £4.99 or £5.99 with fries and a drink.

Here’s what KFC said about bringing it back in an official statement:

Goes without saying 2020 has been pretty fowl. We’ve all had a long, hard year… and it’s not over yet.

So over here at KFC HQ, we’ve been plotting and scheming – trying to find ways to bring a little joy to 2020 (it needs it).

And we reckon if there’s one thing the nation has been chirping out for, it’s the return of a legendary fried chicken classic.

Enter KFC’s Double Down – the iconic bunless burger of your dreams.

For those in the back, it features crispy bacon, melted cheese and barbeque sauce, all sandwiched between two succulent Original Recipe chicken fillets.

Yeah it’s a great idea to be honest and I’m firmly behind it. Will definitely be heading to KFC to sample one of these whilst they’re available. Maybe a couple if I’m feeling cheeky.

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