Kevin Spacey’s Brother Reveals The Truth About Their Family



The world has been shocked in recent weeks over the alleged sexual misconduct that is prevalent in Hollywood, particularly revolving around Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, and it seems as thought there’s a lot more that’s going to be written about those stories before they’re finally over.

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The latest person to come forward and talk about Spacey is his brother Randy Fowler, who explains how their youth has gone on to shape the person that Kevin has now become. This is pretty unsettling:

Kevin turned to acting as a little kid. He ditched the name Fowler and created the character of Kevin Spacey to mask a monster. It helped him hide from his demons.

He struggled with his sexuality, always denying he was gay. On stage, he pretended to be somebody else. It gave him power, transformed him.

His fans love the sinister characters he plays, but he’s not acting, that’s really him. He hid behind his acting career to maintain a secret sordid life and in reality, he was a monster.

We grew up with abuse and neglect in a house of horrors. Our violent dad whipped me with a riding crop… I’ve never had children in case that evil personality could be passed on.

Now it sadly seems one of us may carry those twisted genes and that person might be Kevin.

I’ve often tried to get in touch with my brother but he’s never got back to me and ignored the letter that I sent.

I’m speaking out because I want him to know I’m here for him if he needs me.


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Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s because you got a pretty nifty payday at the end of it too, but I’d like to think that Randy has some kind of good intentions from performing this interview. They are brothers after all.

Of course, it sucks that both he and Kevin Spacey had to endure that kind of abuse during their childhood, but it’s certainly no excuse for Spacey’s alleged behaviour over the years – there are definitely better ways to deal with it than just rehashing the cycle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he chose to pursue them and has deeply affected a lot of people with his actions over the last 30 years. Let’s hope that these victims receive some kind of justice about this, but it seems unlikely given the current climate in Hollywood.

If you missed all the stories in the last week about Kevin Spacey, then click here for an update. It’s not pretty.



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