Ketamine Is The ‘Next Big Thing’ In Treatment For Depression According To Doctors

Neigh bother.

Ketamine is arguably the dumbest, most pointless drug in the world (just ask our mate Badger), but apparently there could be use for it yet after it was successfully used to treat several patients dealing with depression.

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American psychiatrists say they’ve seen success rates of up to 60% in treatment-resistant depression and say ketamine could be the ‘next big thing’ in psychiatry.

One patient, businessman Dennis Hartman, was on the brink of suicide when he decided to try ketamine treatment in hospital:

My life will always be divided into the time before that first infusion and the time after.

That sense of suffering and pain draining away. I was bewildered by the absence of pain.


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Ketamine treatment is now being offered at Yale, the University of California and the Mayo clinic for sufferers of severe depression.

San Francisco psychiatrist L. Alison McInnes says:

This is the next big thing in psychiatry.

Their findings may not be concrete, but surely it’s got to be worth taking seriously on that evidence. Ketamine was never really my bag and I always thought people who did it were retards but if you’re telling me it can cure depression, then sign me up.

Best to let the professionals administer it though — you don’t want to end up pissing clumps of jelly like this girl.


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