Kerry Katona Loses The Plot Whilst Sharing Her Opinions On Weeing In The Sea

What the hell is all this about?

I didn’t really want to say it at any point – and I haven’t over the last few months – but it really seems like ‘Good Morning Britain’ has majorly dropped in quality since they fired Piers Morgan, reaching a new low point today where they roped in Kerry Katona to share her opinions about people pissing in the sea.

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The debate was hosted by Ranvir Singh and Kate Garraway with TV presenter Nick Ede saying he thought that it was fairly harmless, even if people were swimming nearby. Katona couldn’t have disagreed more though, pretty much losing the plot and threatening to kill Ede for saying that he thought it was OK:

I think it’s wrong, it’s dirty, it’s disgusting.

It’s like going into a communal toilet, having a pee, then not washing your hands.

Instead of washing your hands in the sink, go in the toilet next to somebody who’s just had a wee in there, and wash your hands in that.

That’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re going for a pee in the sea.

I mean we’re polluting the world as it is, and then going in the sea and having a pee when it takes you two minutes to go over and have a wee in a toilet, two minutes to go and do.

As an adult it’s something I really frown upon.

Yeah I suppose she has a point, but don’t most grown people think that it’s fairly rank anyway and resolve not to do it? Even if people do actually do it, except for Nick Ede I don’t think many people would actually admit to it in public, do you? Do we actually need a debate on the subject?

It seems kinda weird that this is one of the main talking points on a national news program, even on a slow news day. Sort it out Good Morning Britain.

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