The Man Who Offered 40 Goats To Marry Bill Clinton’s Daughter Just Got Trampled By An Elephant

If only Bill had said yes.

The Kenyan man who once offered 40 goats and 20 cows to marry Bill Clinton’s daughter Chelsea has died after being attacked by a herd of wild elephants. Godwin Chepkurgor was researching an article for Kass Weekly magazine where he worked.

His editor said one of the elephants picked him up with its trunk and launched him into the air. He landed on some sticks that pierced his stomach and was then trampled on by the elephants. Brutal.

Back in 2000 Godwin had asked Bill Clinton for his daughter’s hand in marriage during the ex-president’s visit to Kenya.

You’d think that this whole tragedy would have been avoided if Bill had only said yes, so he’s probably feeling a bit shitty about that right now.

Then again he was probably too busy putting the beat down on Liz Hurley to really think about the consequences anyway.


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