Fight Breaks Out Between Customers & Employees At Ken’s Kebab In Portsmouth (VIDEO)

So many meme-able moments in this video.

Late night kebab shop sessions are essentially the stuff dreams are made of, if your dreams are to munch on a doner while watching a bunch of grown men attempt to beat the crap out of each other. 

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This weekend it all kicked off inside Ken’s Kebab in Portsmouth, with a group of locals finding themselves in a scrap with Ken’s staff. Here’s how it played out:

Well that was certainly something eh? Good thing none of them really knew how to fight otherwise someone could have got seriously hurt.

The best part though? This guy sitting there cool as a cucumber with his kebab and his earphones in:

Love it – he’s basically the Kermit meme:

In fact there were a few meme-able moments in this clip despite the fight itself being completely awful. Shout out to this young lady with a massive grin on her face enjoying the fight from a safe distance:

Was probably amused by boss man’s decision to arm himself with a polystyrene food tray – lol:

“When everything around you is falling apart but you can still find joy in life”:

The good news is that no kebab swords were introduced and no one was seriously hurt so all in all not the worst Saturday night anyone involved will have had. I just hope that one day I can be as unbothered about anything as that guy with the headphones in was about this fight. Fair play to you sir.

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