Kendall Jenner Bares Her Bum And Goes Completely Naked In NSFW Vogue Photoshoot

She’s done it again.

Everyone knows there’s a big difference between models posting naked pictures of themselves on Instagram, and models posing for naked pictures in Vogue magazine.

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What’s that difference, you ask? I’ll tell you what the difference is – class. Vogue is a “classy” magazine. So looking at naked pictures in Vogue is nothing like scrolling through hundreds of trashy images on Instagram, it’s more like… erm, art?

Yeah, let’s go with ‘art’:

Bum cheeks out for the boys! And why not? Other top class models like Emily Ratajkowsi have done a bunch of these Vogue photoshoots. Their stock goes up and up and up. Models want to get naked, everyone else wants to see them naked – it’s a win/win situation.

Let’s check out some more classic Kendall Jenner modelling shots:

Of course it’s not like Kendall Jenner is above posting nude pictures on Instagram – a lot of titty-flashing going on there too.


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