Everyone Is Mad At Kendall Jenner For Her ‘Disrespectful’ Bottle Cap Challenge Video

How could she?

Kendall Jenner is getting absolutely shredded online for her attempt at the #bottlecapchallenge, in which she hopped on a jet ski and spun the cap off a bottle using her toes.

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Check it:

Pretty impressive, but did you notice the bottle cap sinking into the ocean? The environmentalists and internet heroes were not happy about this at all:

Yeah it’s not the greatest of looks for Kendall Jenner I suppose. I mean imagine some poor fish or turtle choking on that bottle cap, all because Kendall Jenner needs her Instagram post to go viral.

But not to worry folks – Kendall Jenner has come through with a HUGE update that she did in fact dive into the ocean and search every inch of the ocean floor before finally recovering the bottle cap:

What, you think she’s lying? Shame on you for being so cynical. You really think Kendall Jenner would put her Instagram clout above a turtle choking to death on a bottle cap? Come on now.

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