Kylie Jenner Just Proved Why She’s The Biggest Hit On Pornhub

Kylie Jenner

2017 = year of the slut.

It might only be the early days of 2017, but already Kylie Jenner is slutting it up for her fans. Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

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She might have failed her fans after her recent sex tape scandal turned out to be fake (leading to her become a HUGE search item on Pornhub), but she’s decided to redeem herself by posting a series of slutty pictures on her Instagram account:

Does anyone else think that she’s morphing into every single girl on social media? Or maybe everyone on social media is morphing into her? Regardless, it’s a cruel and narcissistic world we live in.

Maybe we should just end it all now – but if we’re going to, at least let’s make sure we go out in style.


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