Kelly Osbourne Tried To Be Clever On Live TV And Ended Up Looking Like A Dumb Racist Instead

This is what happens when you get Kelly Osbourne to discuss immigration on live TV.

No idea what Kelly Osbourne is doing discussing immigration on live TV but I guess being Ozzy Osbourne’s bat shit crazy daughter qualifies you somehow.

Kelly was on ‘The View’ debating Donald Trump’s nationalistic policies with the rest of the girls, and it all seemed to be going OK until she came out with one of the most ill-thought out arguments of all time:


The funniest part is how chuffed Kelly looks with herself as she says it. She really thinks she’s made an awesome point before she takes a look at the rest of the faces on the panel and realises she’s just offended Latinos all around America. Granted, she didn’t really mean what she was saying, but still… use your brain for us one time Kelly.

P.S. Why focus on Trump’s negative ideas anyway? Don’t you know the guy has a 100% fool proof plan to beat ISIS?


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