Keith Lemon Apologises For Blackface In ‘Bo Selecta’, People Say It’s OK Because Of ‘White Chicks’

Blackout Tuesday was only two days ago.

It really did seem on Tuesday that a lot of people were reading more literature and becoming more aware of the systemic oppression that black people have faced their entire lives after Blackout Tuesday, but I did kind of feel that a lot of people were just chaining their profile pictures to show solidarity and not  and weren’t really going to do anything about it afterwards.

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It’s only been a couple of days and this theory has already been pretty much proven seeing the reaction to Keith Lemon/Leigh Francis’s tearful apology for dressing up as black people during his time on Bo Selecta twenty years ago. You can see that video below:

I mean that’s completely legitimate in the wake of recent events. I suppose you could argue that he should have been more aware at the time, but everyone was laughing along with him and nobody was calling him out so I think it’s probably OK to admit that it was sadly seen as acceptable at the time.

However, a whole bunch of people who clearly haven’t learned anything from changing their social media profile pictures to a black square rushed to Lemon’s defence on Twitter, arguing that he didn’t need to apologise for using black face because the Wayans brothers had dressed up as white people in the terrible movie ‘White Chicks’. You couldn’t really make it up, could you? Completely missed the point.

Here are a couple of the dumbest, as well as a few people explaining why this is an issue more articulately than I ever could:

Hopefully the debate on Twitter will serve to educate some people about the differences between blackface and the Wayans brothers dressing up as white people in ‘White Chicks’, but it really does feel that the level of ignorance may never be lifted. We’ll keep trying though.

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