How To Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Clean

Top tips.

Just like human beings, pets can also suffer from dental problems just as the buildup of plaque, bad breath, and aching teeth. As such, we must observe our pets’ dental hygiene to ensure that they do not go through any form of discomfort. Below we have outlined some of the tips that you can use to keep your pup’s teeth healthy and sparkling.

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  • Brush the teeth

One of the most efficient ways to clean your dog’s teeth is through some good old fashioned brushing. While this might be uncomfortable at first for the dog, after a few brushes they will get used to it. Furthermore, it is quite an effective method and hence recommended. You just have to get brushes and toothpaste specially designed for dogs, as regular toothpaste may have products that are harmful to them. As for the toothbrush, invest in a pet brush as it might have softer bristles and it is shaped in a manner that will allow for a comfortable brush.

  • Dental chews

The next option you can consider when cleaning your dog’s teeth is through the use of dental chews. These are quite convenient as the dog will happily chew them without much struggle. Dogs are naturally inclined to chewing on items, and as such dental chews will feel quite natural to them. Dental chews also come in all types of shapes and sizes and different flavors such as chicken trips and rawhide. They also contain oral properties that help to reduce plaque and also freshen the dog’s breath. As such, they will help maintain your dog’s oral health while acting as a yummy treat, hence killing two birds with one stone. There are plenty of dental chews on the market, and it is important to pick the one that will suit your dog best. You can thus do some prior research first on the web so that you may select the best dog dental chews and get value for your money.

  • Teeth wipes

There is a big likelihood that your dog will not sit still and allow you to brush their teeth. It may thus end up being a struggle to clean by brushing as they will most likely fuss about and give you a hard time. Most dogs eventually get used to the cleaning routine and eventually it gets easier. However, if this does not happen for you, you can opt to try dog teeth wipes. With these, you can just swap across the dog’s teeth in a couple of quick strokes. While it may not be as effective as the brush, it is a much easier and convenient process.

  • Go to the vet if need be

You must regularly monitor your dog’s teeth and gums, as at times they may have more serious underlying problems that may not be resolved simply by a good brush. Signs of such cases can be excessive drooling, decreased appetite, bleeding gums, or swellings in the mouth. In the event of any of these or other symptoms, please take your pup to your vet and have them treated.


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