You Can Now Enjoy A Dirty Kebab At Newcastle Airport

The dream.

Kebabs are without a doubt the ultimate greasy necessity for the end of a drunken night out.

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One place that people love to get wasted in is airports, so it makes total sense that Newcastle Airport has decided to open a kebab shop right in the heart of their departure lounge. So once you’ve finished sinking those £7 pints, you can head on over to Pita & Brew to get yourself a delicious kebab before boarding your flight.

Pita & Brew

But before you start thinking that this restaurant serves your standard dirt-filled pita, you would be wrong, because this place sells upmarket kebabs. Don’t worry though, because they still look delicious:

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Pita & Brew is Newcastle Airport’s very own concept and it’s already proved popular with hungry passengers who are looking for something healthy and satisfying. Kebab choices include doner meat, pulled pork, pulled chicken or halloumi, as well as toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce and slaw. Yum.

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And get this – if you’re in a rush, the staff will even package up your kebab so you can munch it on the plane. Result… except for the people sat next to you.

One thing’s for sure – Pita & Brew is a fair cry from this kebab restaurant, which had to be closed down after inspectors discovered green chicken and cockroaches. Grimy.


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