Keanu Reeves Has Said That He Wants To Play Wolverine

Keanue Reeves Wolveine

John Wick X Neo X Wolverine.

I’m pretty sure that Hugh Jackman said that he would never play Wolverine after Logan – although he’s probably already gone back on that –  so the franchise clearly will need to replace the role in the near future, but who’s going to slip those adamantium claws into their knuckles?

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I’m not sure how many names have been banded around but one guy who seems to be well up for it – and would probably be ideal – is none other than John Wick himself Keanu Reeves. He was recently speaking to ScreenGeek alongside Alice Eves, the co star of his new movie Replicas and the pair moved onto talkling about superhero movies for some reason. At this point, Keanu revealed that he was once in the running for both Wolverine and Batman, but didn’t get the roles:

Keanue Reeves Wolveine 2

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No it wasn’t that I couldn’t take either of them, they were already cast.

Of the two, I’d love to play Wolverine.

So there you have it, even though we’re actively looking for a Batman now Ben Affleck has given up on the character, Keanu Reeves is still more interested in playing Wolverine. Should probably go about rebooting that franchise immediately.

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