Keanu Reeves’ Latest Movie Only Took £88 At The Box Office

Keanu Reeves Exposed

How the mighty fall.

A new Keanu Reeves movie probably isn’t the major event that it was a few years ago, but even so it should probably be earning more than £88 at the box office in its opening weekend. I mean I’m not sure where it was showing (prices fluctuate all over the country) but that probably means that less than 10 people went to see it in the whole country. That’s not so good.

In case you missed it (sounds like everyone did), the movie was called Exposed and it’s thriller where Keanu sets about exposing police corruption after his partner’s death. Doesn’t really sound like anything we haven’t heard of before, although apparently some aliens get involved towards the end which I’m sure you didn’t expect after you read the previous sentence. Here’s the trailer:

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Doesn’t look THAT bad eh? Apparently Reeves has got a pretty good excuse for the movie performing so badly though, and that’s because he wasn’t even supposed to be the star but Lionsgate completely re-edited the movie so that his part became the main plot line, even though it was only a subplot in the original director’s cut.

The original movie was all about a Dominican family living in New York and the corruption plot line was a subplot, but when Lionsgate realised they hand’t actually bought a Keanu Reeves cop thriller, they ordered it to be recut by about 25 minutes which completely changed the plot because white faces – and in particular Keanu’s – allegedly make more money. The younger girl who’s barely in the trailer was meant to be the main character, go figure.

As such, the movie is a disjointed mess that doesn’t really make any sense and it only made £88 at the box office in its first weekend because it was so shit. Good work Lionsgate. Incidentally, the original movie – which even had a different name, ‘Daughter Of God’ – was said to be a masterpiece that now nobody will ever see. Although less people might actually have seen Exposed due to the way it’s been handled, so I guess nobody wins, least of all the people that actually spent time making the movie.

Still, at least Keanu Reeves can claim to be the classiest man on the New York subway.


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