The ‘Kazakhstan Barbie’ Reckons She Is 100% Natural; Is She Telling The Truth?


Surely not.

A student named Dinara Rakhimbaeva, 21, is facing criticism in her home country after posting a series of explicit pictures on her social media accounts.

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Dinara is currently studying finance at the University of Nottingham, but she has also been dubbed the ‘Kazakhstan Barbie’ due to her doll-like appearance.

She is now fighting an online battle as she faces speculation that she has undergone cosmetic surgery, drawing comparisons to the ‘Ukrainian Barbie’ Valeria Lukyanova. She has hit back at the critics and said that she does not want to look like a Barbie and says that her likeness to the doll is coincidental. She also claims that her figure is 100% natural. Not sure what to make of that really – when you see the pictures, you’ll understand why:

That waist definitely does not look natural. Then again, Bella Hadid’s is pretty similar and she claims to be surgery-free too.

Regardless of the surgery aspect, I reckon Dinara should just embrace the fact that she looks like Barbie. Valeria Lukyanova has spent thousands of pounds to get a figure similar to hers – Dinara has (apparently) got hers all for free. Why not milk it and make a buttload of cash? Easy money.


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