Here’s Why ‘Kay’s Good Cooking’ Needs Her Own TV Show

Kay's Good Cooking

A homage to council estate grub.

These days the world is awash with famous chefs, cooks and bakers. Thanks to the rise of the YouTube vlogger, pretty much anyone can offer up their culinary skills with an added dash of personality and lifestyle.

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The problem is, with all this rivalry, presenters are increasingly turning to outlandish recipes and styles to give them that competitive edge – you’ve got vegan, gluten free, paleo, pegan, extreme junk food, sophisticated baking. Sometimes you just wish that they could all strip it back to the bare essentials and give us good old dirty supermarket recipes that we all grew to love during our childhoods.

That’s where ‘Kay’s Good Cooking’ comes in. Rather than creating some sort of quinoa kale stuffed squash while highlighting the importance of going organic, Kay is an honest woman from Sheffield making honest grub. She’s here to remind us of the basic packet food served in the homes of council estates across England that have proudly built us into the unhealthiest country in Europe. Bangers and mash, egg medley, packet curry – she covers it all. Not only does she address all the classic recipes, but also Kay is not bothered with the “fancy” editing techniques of all these media graduate vloggers. Yes, there might be a few awkward pauses and dodgy cuts, but that’s the point. It’s stripped down cooking in every sense of the word. Here are some of our favourite ‘Kay’s Good Cooking’ recipe videos:

Bag rice without the bag:

Bacon sandwich with skips:

Bangers, mash and beans:

Eggs medley:

All day breakfast:

Chips with cheese:

Beef curry:

For more ‘Kay’s Good Cooking’, click HERE. I do hope that with the help of publications like this, Kay’s profile will get a serious boost and she’ll end up with her own cooking show. I’d watch it, purely for comedic reasons.

Kay if you’re reading this, maybe for your next video you could do the dishwasher steak? I bet that would get the thumbs up.


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