Katy Perry Used To Be A Backup Singer For A Nu Metal Band

Katy Perry

We’ve all got to start somewhere.

All pop stars have to start somewhere but it seems like Katy Perry had a stranger journey to the top than some as she was once a backup singer for nu metal band P.O.D. That stands for Payable On Death if you didn’t know, because the band is Christian and their debt to God is paid in full. Deep.

Katy sang on their 2006 ‘hit’ Goodbye For Now. This is surprising not just because of Katy Perry’s inclusion, but also that nu metal was still a thing in 2006. She sang on both the studio version of the song and appeared on it when the band filmed an episode of The Tonight Show the same year.

Again, it’s amazing that anyone cared enough about nu metal then to give this band a slot on The Tonight Show, but you can’t really dispute the video evidence that we can see below. It’s also pretty amazing how many people feature in this performance on various instruments as well.

You have to go really near the end of the video to see a good shot of her singing but maybe listen to it all the way through because for a nu metal song it isn’t actually that bad. That might be my inner teenager coming out though.

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Well there you go. Just when you though you had made it as one of the biggest pop stars of the decade, someone goes out and digs up your embarrassing past as a backing singer for a female nu metal band. I guess you can’t win them all, but I suppose this is where Katy Perry learned to roar and get the eye of the tiger. Sorry.

Is it less embarrassing than her recently being groped on stage by a girl high on ecstasy though? Probably.


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