Katt Williams Explains Fight With Teenager During New Stand-Up Routine (VIDEO)

The victim speaks out.

By now you’ll have seen the footage of Katt Williams punching a teenager in the face, only for the teenager to then completely own him in front of anyone.

Like any comedian worth his salt, Katt implemented the story into one of his stand-up routines, which he debuted on Friday.

Watch below:

Well, it does sound like he was trying to diffuse the situation and teach this kid a thing or two, except the kid was having none of it. Most of all he’s trying to make the point that the kid didn’t actually beat him up though? That he sort of “let” hit beat him up? Sorry Katt, we all saw the video. There’s no explaining your way out of that one.

Still, it’s good to see he can still bring the jokes when he wants to. I didn’t even realise he was still performing. Just goes to show that any publicity is good publicity, even if it’s a video of you getting battered by a 17-year-old.


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