Leaked FULL Footage Of Katt Williams Getting Battered By Child Shows New Side To The Story

Looks like he didn’t instigate it after all.

Yesterday we shared a video that showed 42-year-old comedian Katt Williams punch a teenager in the face, only for the teenager to then choke him out in front of the whole world.

Well after that clip went viral and left Katt looking pretty stupid, the full footage leaked which shows what led to the 7th grader administering a beat down in the first place.

Looks like Katt wanted nothing to do with it all:

Dude just wanted to play some football with some kids his own size, not fight them, but in the end he felt like he had no choice. Just a shame he couldn’t finish the little prick off.

Regardless, I still think that’s it for Katt Williams. He was already on a pretty slippery slope what with drug addiction and not even really working anymore, so whether he instigated it or not, the fact is he got completely whooped by a child on camera. Tough to come back from that.

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