Katie Price Has Slammed Reports She’s In Rehab; Is Seeing Psychiatrist To Check She’s ‘Mentally Stable’


Seems like Katie Price is never far from controversy – usually by acting like a complete peasant – and now she’s taken to her Instagram story to bizarrely deny that she’s entering rehab.

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Reports came in over the weekend that she had been spotted outside The Priory in Roehampton leading many to speculate that she was heading to rehab, but Katie has hit back at these claims by saying that she was visiting a psychiatrist to check that she was mentally stable before filming a new series of ‘My Crazy Life’. Here’s the video and what she said underneath:

When you do TV now you have to see a psych because of everyone hanging themselves and committing suicide.

You have to make sure you’re mentally stable and I am.

I’m not in The Priory for any reason other than so I can film my show on Quest.

I mean I guess that’s great that she’s not in rehab – for her at least, maybe not her family – but maybe we need to have another look at this psychiatrist’s credentials as well because Katie has to be one of the least mentally stable people out there judging by all the manic shit she’s constantly doing. Stay tuned I guess.

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