Katie Price Shamed For Appearing On GMB To Announce Eighth Engagement

Here we go again.

Don’t think I’ve really heard much from ‘Good Morning Britain’ since they got rid of Piers Morgan, but they decided to push the boat out for this morning’s edition by getting Katie Price in to discuss her eighth engagement to Carl Woods as they just knew that the people in the comments were going to go crazy over this one.

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Price and Woods’ interview wasn’t particularly controversial or anything, but obviously the fact that this was Price’s eighth engagement was highlighted and this started a crazy war in the comments. On one side, people saying that she was a slut/mentally ill and those saying that everyone should leave her alone and there were a bunch of men who have had just as many engagements/marriages as her that are never called out about it. Who are you backing on this one?

Wow. You really think that people would have slightly better things to do than just rag on some woman they don’t know on the internet, but it turns out that a lot of the population really don’t. Yeah, Katie Price is kinda gross and it’s out of the ordinary for someone to get engaged eight times, but the level of vitriol in some of those comments really is above and beyond.

I suppose it is really annoying to see someone who’s apparently £3 million in debt go about their life like nothing’s wrong and get their fourth wedding paid for by some TV station when you’re really struggling though. Maybe we should just stop giving her the spotlight and this wouldn’t be a problem? Such a weird case of celebrity that woman.

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