Katie Price Says That Dubai Influencers Should Get Real Jobs And Not Be Travelling

‘They’re not even real celebrities.’

Most of the news these days is pretty shocking and/or gloomy, so here’s something that should give you a hearty belly laugh as Katie Price has slammed Instagram influencers for travelling to Dubai during the pandemic and told them to get real jobs because they’re not even celebrities. Errrr?

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Here’s what Katie said to FUBAR Radio (what’s that?):

It’s bulls*** really.

For me, I would rather be at home and do things properly.

You’ve got people out there who’ve lost their jobs, got no money, who are depressed.

[People] thinking about how they are going to get out of this hole, how are they going to find another job.

What they don’t need is people – and no disrespect – going out to Dubai, making out they’re an influencer because they’ve had five minutes on a show or something, rubbing it in their face.’

They’re not even celebs.

Like, who gives a s***? I wish everyone would unfollow them all and really do a job and work, it’s just unfair.’

I could easily find ways to fly out but I’ve sacrificed my own desire for an exotic holiday so as not to rub it in anyone’s face because it’s out of order.

You’ve got to live and breathe what you’re going through.

We all want a holiday. You’ve got to accept what’s happening.

Now I totally agree with everything she’s saying there, but surely Katie Price can’t really call anyone out for being an Instagram influencer because she literally became famous for being a glamour model and then a reality television star which is almost exactly the same thing? I suppose Katie does have longevity in fairness to her at least, but even so it seems a bit tone deaf for her to tell all those people to get jobs when she’s rich and famous for pretty much exactly the same reasons.

Respect to her for staying at home and not flying during these times though for sure. Must be especially tough for someone like here.

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