Katie Price Reaches New Lows As She Reveals Which Of Her Lovers Has The Biggest Penis

Katie Price Live In Sydney

No holds barred.

Katie Price seems like one of those people that will do absolutely anything to get attention from any form of media, and this story has done absolutely nothing to change that opinion.

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Price was hosting a Q&A session last night in Gateshead of all places (again, scraping the barrel) when she was asked which of her lovers had the biggest penis. This being billed as a ‘no holds barred’ session, she had no choice but to answer and did so happily, revealing that Leandro Penna had the dubious honour of being the biggest dick that she had ever ridden.

I wasn’t even sure who Leandro Penna was, so here’s a picture of him:


Yep, still absolutely no clue but apparently he’s an Argentinian model. Nice. Anyway Katie said that he was so big that she repeatedly got cystitis throughout their relationship, which sounds awesome and exactly what you look for in a man.

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Quickly covering her tracks though, Katie also announced that her current husband – part time stripper and builder Kieran Hayler – also had a massive dong, revealing that when she had sex with him she could only take the tip. Again, sounds like the basis of another excellent relationship and probably is, considering he’s already been caught cheating on her a couple of times. Fantastic.

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