Katie Price Is Planning To ‘Hire A Prostitute For Harvey When He Turns 18’

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Katie Price has revealed that she is considering hiring a prostitute for her son Harvey when he turns 18.

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Her reasoning for this is that she wants him to experience sex, but she is unsure whether this will happen organically due to his disabilities.

Katie made the revelation on ‘Loose Women’ today, where she also said that she discussed the idea with her husband Kieran Hayler.

Harvey, who is just 15 at the moment, suffers from a number of medical conditions including autism, but Katie says she does not want to stop him from experiencing the joys of sex and that in the past, he has had normal sexual urges.

It sounds like she’s still very much in the discussion phase of this plan and clearly she has reservations. It’s a pretty controversial topic to bring up on a morning chat show, and it raises many ethical questions regarding Harvey’s awareness as well as the wellbeing of the sex worker. Either way she’s got three years to think about it.

Seems like Katie Price can’t seem to make an appearance on TV these days without stirring up some sort of controversy. A couple of months back she was filmed dropping the N-bomb twice on live TV. Calm it down Katie.


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