Katie Price Just Dropped The N-Bomb TWICE On Live TV (VIDEO)

Katie Price


Katie Price has resorted to drastic measures to highlight the issue of online bullying, but her recent TV appearance might be the most controversial method yet.

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During a conversation on ‘This Morning’ about the bullies who have been trolling her son Harvey on social media, Katie dropped the N-bomb, not once, but twice. Phillip Schofield asked:

Are you saying legislation isn’t strong enough?

Katie replied:

Is it strong enough to call my son a black blind n*****?

Here’s a clip showing Katie then dropping the bomb for a second time:

The online community were equally shocked:

Clearly, it’s a pretty bold and controversial word to say on TV in any context. But I guess you could argue that she is using shock tactics to highlight how severe online bullying can be.

While we’re on the subject, if there are any trolls reading this right now, here’s a message from Harvey, to you.


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