Katie Price’s Leaks Disturbing Photo Of Her New ‘Baby’ (PHOTO)


What is that?

Following her transformation from the glamour model Jordan, Katie Price has proved herself to be an incredibly family-orientated woman.

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She just loves to watch her family grow, so much so that she decided to welcome a new addition to the family in the form of a hairless Sphinx kitten. Much to her Instagram followers’ surprise, Katie uploaded a picture of the alien-like creature on her social media accounts, with the caption:

Loving my new baby.

Are you really? Looks like that thing just got transported to earth from outer space. Imagine waking up to find that thing’s rubbery paws all over your face. Creepy as sin. Fans were equally disgusted with her new ‘baby’:

Yuck. Looks horrible. Like a skinned rabbit.

Not being rude but whaaaaat is that?

No doubt this is only the beginning of the backlash Katie’s going to get for this. On the plus side, at least it’ll give her something to talk about other than penis on her next stint of ‘Loose Women’.


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