Katie Price Has Immediately Breached Her Restraining Order After Avoiding Jail Last Week

Here we go again.

I think I’ve written before in these pages that Katie Price categorically believes that rules and laws just don’t apply to her – and to be honest it doesn’t seem like they do, the amount of shit she seems to get away with – so it’s not really surprising that she’s immediately breached her restraining order again after avoiding going to jail last week for the same offence.

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To be fair to her though, it’s a bit of a lameass situation and not as bad as you might expect. It turns out that Katie sent a message to former husband Kieran Hayler’s fiancee Michelle Penticost via the pair’s shared children. Not really sure if that counts as breaching a restraining order and seems like Kieran’s grasping at straws a bit there?

Here’s what an ‘inside source’ who knows about the situation said about it:

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Kieran claims that Katie told one of their children to “tell Michelle she can’t send her to prison” – he spoke to police about it last week as he feels like this breaks the rules of the restraining order.

He is so disappointed that Katie swerved jail again and, in his opinion, doesn’t seem to be taking the restraining order seriously.

That’s a bit of a beg really isn’t it? I suppose you kinda have to give Katie some credit there because it sort of might get around the actual terms of the restraining order?

But also not because it’s also the most lamewad petty sort of crap that anyone could end up doing. Don’t get why these people just don’t leave each other alone and stop beefing with each other? Would honestly make everything in their lives so much easier and less stressful. Think about it.

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