Katie Price Was Forced To Google Her Own Children’s Birthdays

Oh Katie.

Katie Price continues to get more and more stupid as she grows older and this could perhaps be the height of her negligence and buffoonery – until next week that is.

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Katie was filming scenes for her upcoming reality TV show My Crazy Life (what else would she be doing?) with her ex Kieran Hayler at a mediation meeting where they’re deciding who will look after their children Jett and Bunny at what times. After deciding the schedule, Kieran isn’t happy that Katie will have them for both of their birthdays this summer, but Katie doesn’t even know when they are and the pair swerve off into a slanging match.

Really class stuff, as usual:

Yeah, I guess that Kieran guy did cheat on her but Katie isn’t exactly doing herself any favours by not actually knowing when her own children are born. I find it hard to believe that this Kieran guy still wants to appear in these shows with her after they’ve split up though – surely he just wants to sort seeing his kids out and can forget about all this dumb reality television shit for a minute because there are more important things out there to worry about?

The whole scene really rankled me and made me feel kinda uncomfortable to be honest. Surely nobody needs to see any of that crap?

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