Katie Price Put Her Daughter In A Washing Machine For The Instagram Likes

Katie Price Launches Nutrition Range


Katie Price is never one to shy away from controversy and she’s done it once again after people have criticised her for her latest Instagram post.

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In the post – which is blatantly sponsored – she bigs up her Cater Wash washing machine whilst sharing a picture of her daughter Princess inside of it:

That all seems innocent enough and I’m pretty sure she just made her get in it because it looks kinda cute and demonstrates how big the washing machine is, but some people really weren’t happy about it and completely called her out on Twitter. Here are some of the ‘best’ comments:

Yeah I mean, whilst these guys do have a point that it is kinda dangerous for kids to get in washing machines because it could lead to really bad consequences, I don’t really think they need to go in that hard on her. It’s just a cute picture, you know?

Some people live for this kind of stuff though so it’s not really that surprising that they jumped all over her on the first chance that they could get. People just love to get involved.

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