Katie Price Can Hardly Open Her Eyes As She Appears In Face Bandages After Latest Surgery


I don’t think there’s ever gonna be a point where we stop writing about Katie Price having surgery because I don’t think that Katie Price is ever going to stop having surgery, so here we are with the results of yet another facelift.

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Katie recently flew to Turkey for a surgery spree and was pictured exiting The Comfort Zone with fiancee Kris Boyson after getting another face and eye life, breast reduction surgery and her bum lift reversed. Apparently she also risked her life to do this which really does go to show how dumb she is – if it was ever in any doubt.

Anyway, she got papped with a whole load of bandages all over her face, looking so puffed and bloated that it appeared as if her eyes had been stapled shut:

Horrific. You really have gotta ask yourself why she keeps doing this to herself, but I suppose once you’ve had one surgery you’ve just gotta keep going and get more and more until you eventually look like Frankenstein’s monster and/or end up dead. Probably not long to go now to be fair.

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