Katie Hopkins Comes Out With Typically Atrocious Response To Brussels Attacks

Katie Hopkins

Again, unsurprising.

Sometimes I think that Katie Hopkins only exists to troll people with brains and compassion and piss us all off by coming up with the exact opposite response to how we’re thinking, and she’s managed to do it again in relation to the Brussels terrorist attacks that went down today.

In her infinite wisdom, she thought that it was appropriate to tweet the following regarding those behind the attacks:

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I mean seriously? It seems pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that terrorists are going to be find a way to attack whatever targets they want with or without a refugee crisis going on – the two are completely unrelated, other than the fact that the refugees are coming from a country which the terrorists are controlling.

I mean the terrorists are the whole reason they’re leaving because they’ve fucked up the country so much, and continue to fuck up the rest of the world with actions like this. Absolutely braindead behaviour from Hopkins again, but I suppose we shouldn’t really expect anything less from her should we?

Making light of a tragedy like a terrorist attack and linking it to the refugee crisis to pursue your own agenda isn’t just morally bankrupt, it’s also dangerous because the dumb people out there are actually going to listen to her and believe her. Just fuck off already.

At least it was good when Danny Dyer absolutely rinsed her that one time.


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