Katie Hopkins Releases Weird Video Doing Impression Of Meghan Markle, The Internet Reacts


Meghan Markle’s recent BBC interview where she opened up about her struggles since becoming part of the Royal Family rubbed many people up the wrong way, as they don’t think someone in such a privileged position should be complaining about how difficult life is.

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As you might expect, Katie Hopkins was all over it and quick to put on a wig and do her own impression of the Meghan Markle interview, just totally mocking her and winding up the whole of Twitter in the process:

Here’s the reaction:

Ouch. I know Katie Hopkins has some of the thickest skin on the planet but some of those responses have got to sting especially the Kate Beckinsale one. Also did you know Katie Hopkins is only 6 years older than Meghan Markle? Madness.

You might say she has a point about Meghan & Harry complaining about the media and pressures of fame etc but the way Katie Hopkins goes about making her points just makes her look like an utter dick. I guess that’s how she gets paid though.

For the last time a Katie Hopkins Tweet had this effect – commenting on Boris Johnson grabbing a woman’s thigh the other week – click HERE.


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