Katie Hopkins Trolls Little Mix Star Despite Singer Attempting Suicide Last Time She Attacked Her

Just when you thought she couldn’t get nastier.

Everyone knows that Katie Hopkins is a heartless bitch on a mission to be the worst human being on the planet, but it’s still pretty surprising to see her going after Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson after nearly driving her to suicide a year ago.

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Here’s a reminder:

Since then the Little Mix singer has lost a ton of weight and also put out a documentary detailing her struggles with depression and dealing with online abuse.

You’d think Katie Hopkins would back off considering a) the girl was suicidal and b) she lost all that weight Hopkins was fat-shaming her over. But nope, even turning your life around and creating a healthy and fit body for yourself is a reason to attack someone, apparently:

“Be better than this” from the woman who was caught shagging another woman’s husband in the middle of a field. Lol:

Clearly that’s not where the hypocrisy ends. Pretty tragic how the same woman who made this young girl feel like she was gross and overweight and nearly drove her to suicide is now having a go at her for celebrating the fact she lost all that weight.

Not to worry though, because here comes Jesy’s ex-boyfriend Chris Hughes to the rescue with a killer reply that’s gone super viral:

90% of other comments on Twitter pretty much echo the same sentiment, but then Katie Hopkins is going to be a bitch no matter how many people tell her how nasty she is.

In fact she blatantly gets off on it. How else do you explain this Tweet she made after Caroline Flack killed herself? Fuck Katie Hopkins, seriously.


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