Katie Hopkins Has Been Slammed For A Hateful Caroline Flack Tweet After Her Death

Typical Katie Hopkins.

The world is still reeling from the tragic death of Caroline Flack over the weekend, after she committed suicide thanks to her portrayal in the media relating to a domestic violence case with her boyfriend Lewis Burton.

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Katie Hopkins always wades in with her opinions in times like these and she decided to get involved and share her opinion on the idea for a so called ‘Caroline’s Law’ that would aim to protect those in the public eye from the bullying of the media. Here’s what she had to say:

I mean, you might think that she has a point there after she was brutally humiliated by YouTuber Josh Pieters in a recent viral video. But then you also have to remember that Katie Hopkins literally makes her living by posting horrible shit about people all the time on the internet and constantly bullying people herself, so you’ve really gotta realise that she’s probably part of the problem rather than someone that needs to be protected from it.

Most people on Twitter seemed to agree with this interpretation of the situation as well:

Yeah she hasn’t really got a leg to stand on there when one of her tweets literally encouraged someone else to try and commit suicide. What an absolute bitch trying to make everything about her again when someone has literally just died. Hate hate hate hate her.

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