Katie Hopkins Has Accepted Ellie Goulding’s Challenge Of A Charity Boxing Match


This is something we would pay to see.

Katie Hopkins is well known for being a contrary twat and bringing out the worst in everyone, and last night was know different when she inspired Ellie Goulding to challenge her to a charity boxing match.

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It all began when Katie tweeted something about Italy possibly leaving the EU as a result of the referendum over there, which led to some harsh words from Ellie and a typically bitchy response from Hopkins:

Then, out of everyone who could get involved, Jordan Fish from Bring Me The Horizon stuck his nose into it and suggested a charity boxing match between the two, which Ellie seemed pretty into:

Following on from that, we only had to wait for Hopkins’ response and today she tweeted the following stating that she’s up for it:

In case you’re wondering what that picture is all about, it’s because Katie actually underwent brain surgery this year and managed to come out of the other side of it OK.

Looks pretty fucking painful though eh? Not really sure she should be allowed to step into a boxing match before that, are you?

Nevertheless if they were it would probably be more of an interesting fight than you would think. Although Ellie regularly uploads pictures of her beating the shit out of a punching bag, Katie has also managed to complete military training which means she’ll be no pushover either.

Might be a different story after that brain surgery though I suppose, although definitely something I’m sure a lot of people would pay to see. Here’s hoping it actually happens.

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