Katie Hopkins Berated As She Refuses To Wear Face Mask On Flight From London To LA

You mean that’s not a mask she’s wearing?

Katie Hopkins being a part of the anti-mask brigade is the least surprising thing in the world, but people were still shocked to see her walking around Heathrow and taking an 11-hour flight from London to LA all without wearing a face mask.

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Hopkins travelled to the US to appear as a special guest at rallies in support of her buddy Donald Trump, which I guess is a pretty clear sign of desperation any time you’re hoping Katie Hopkins is gonna boost your chances of re-election.

Katie settled into her seat in business class (standard) sans mask:

One of her fellow passengers told the Mirror:

She went through the whole flight without wearing a mask. It was ridiculous and not a flight you wanted to be on.

She didn’t wear a mask on the flight and wandered through Heathrow without one on as well.

As we all know, and will have seen if you’ve travelled these last few months, all airports/flights require passengers to wear face masks at all times. Which I think makes it pretty obvious that Katie Hopkins is exempt for some kind of medical reason? Otherwise there’s no way she’d have been allowed to walk through Heathrow airport without a mask, let alone board a plane.

The only medical issue Katie Hopkins has on record is epilepsy, but according to, ‘most people’ with epilepsy can wear masks without issue:

I guess the key words there are ‘most people’, and of course anti-masker Katie Hopkins falls into the minority of epilepsy sufferers who can’t wear a mask. Pretty convenient, but it looks like she’s well within her rights to not wear one and that’s how she got away with it, which I guess makes some of the criticism levelled at her unfair in this instance (maybe it really could trigger a seizure in her).

More than likely though, she’s used her condition as an excuse to get past wearing one. I don’t wish coronavirus on anyone but it would be pretty ironic if she ended up catching it at one of the Trump rallies she’s speaking at. Wonder if she’d change her opinion on masks then.

For the time Katie Hopkins was tricked into accepting a ‘C*nt’ award, click HERE. Actually felt a bit sorry for her there.


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