Karen Yells At Teen In G-String On The Beach Because She Was Making Her Sons Horny (VIDEO)

Calm down Karen.

A girl filming content for her TikTok on the beach while wearing a G-string was confronted by a crazy, angry mum, who wasn’t happy about her sons popping boners while watching the young lady dance.

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The unidentified Karen told Aurea Miranda, who is originally from Mexico but now lives in NYC, to ‘get her ass covered’ because her boys couldn’t stop staring at it:

@aureaaaaaaa4Let’s educate our family to start there . ❤️💚 ##wedemandrespect ##thisisamerica ##educateyourself ##feminism ##soyfeminista ##metoomovement ##metoo ##fyp♬ Childish Gambino – This Is America / Post Malone – Congratulations – carneyval_

Jesus Christ lady, calm down! I mean imagine being that upset by a young woman showing herself off a little bit on the beach. If she’s so worried about her boys getting horny, then maybe go check out their Google search history and have a word with them instead. They’re probably looking up things that their mum has never even heard of. Things that would make a TikTok teen in a thong on the beach look like two people holding hands at a picnic.

If she really wanted to be a ‘good parent’, she could have explained to the boys that some people like a certain type of attention and dress a certain way to get it. No need to go and bother the girl herself about it and tell her how to dress or behave. Sticking a pair of shorts on her isn’t going to make your sons any less excitable at this stage of their lives, trust me!

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