Karen Matthews’ Family Have Threatened They Will Ditch Her If She Doesn’t Dump Paedophile Boyfriend

Not surprised.

There’s been a lot of focus on Britain’s worst mum Karen Matthews in the past couple of months after it was revealed that she was engaged to a convicted paedophile and it looks as if her friends and family are threatening to cut her off if she doesn’t end things with him.

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Matthews was dubbed Britain’s worst mum after she kidnapped her own daughter back in 2008 in the hopes of receiving the reward money for her safe return, only for the police to rumble her and send her to prison. Upon her release she was moved to an undisclosed location and met 57 year old convicted paedophile Paul Saunders – he engaged in sexual activity with a teenager and admitted two counts of sexual assault – when he did some repairs on her house and it wasn’t long until they had moved in together and were engaged.

Initially, it was reported that Matthews disowned him when she discovered that he was a paedophile, but it turns out that this wasn’t the case and they’re still living together and her friends and family aren’t happy about that. Here’s what an insider told The Sun:

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She has got no friends where she lives any more because of Saunders.

People have ditched her because she refuses to kick him out.

She lied to people that she was going to do so – but he has been living there full-time from where The Sun broke the story about her engagement.

To see a paedophile move in any neighbourhood is just disgusting.

Some people believed she should be given the time to prove she had turned over a new leaf after she got out of jail.

But this relationship is a line that has been crossed.

People don’t anything to do with her if she is still with him.

Not really sure what to make of this, other than the fact that I’m surprised that Matthews even had any friends before the Saunders thing given her reputation. I guess if two completely awful people are happy together then maybe we should just let them be? To be honest I don’t really care what happens to either of them because they’re so awful.

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