Karen Says She’s ‘Scared & Shaking’ As She Demands Bank Employee Takes Off His BLM Mask (VIDEO)

A traumatic experience.

An LA woman named Victoria Redstall has had her Wells Fargo bank account cancelled after she posted a Facebook Live video of herself confronting an employee for wearing a Black Lives Matter face mask.

She was in the middle of settling an issue with a cheque when she spotted the employee, who she had already complained about, and went over to film him. Here’s how that played out for her:

Not sure what offended her more to be honest – the BLM mask or the fact the bank manager kept referring to her as “ma’am”. I mean didn’t she hear her the first time? She’s young! Not a day over… um, 40? Old enough to know how to wear a mask properly anyway, which she doesn’t really seem to have got the hang of. Not to mention that outrageous American/Australian/British accent she’s got going on. Is it just me or is she alternating between all 3?

Well anyway, the whole situation was extremely well handled by the manager. The bank gave Miss Redstall 30 days to remove her funds and then closed her account which I guess sums up how they feel about her complaint. It’s crazy that she thought a bank in super liberal LA would take her seriously in the first place, especially when she’s rocking American flag colours and (I think) a Trump mask? Isn’t the freedom to express yourself however you want something that America prides itself on? Crazy how many nutters that country seems to produce.

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