Karen Gets Kicked Out Of Salon After Almost Hitting Hairdresser During Argument (VIDEO)

The perfect example of a Karen.

A Los Angeles hair stylist has shared footage of the way she dealt with a client disrespecting her and her assistant in her own salon.

Sharon Spellman was doing a simple root touch-up job on a longtime client, Robin, when she mentioned that her new assistant would be finishing it up.

Well Robin AKA Karen had a really big problem with this, and started acting like a total bitch about it. That’s where things began to escalate:

And that right there is how to deal with disrespectful clients like an absolute boss. I mean that lady was the perfect example of a Karen – rude, entitled, violent when told “no”, and then plays the victim when asked to leave. The way the hairdresser handled the situation by clearly stating her boundaries and sticking to her guns over it was absolute perfection.

As for “the customer is always right”, I don’t think it means what Karen here thinks it means. It doesn’t mean a customer gets to act like a tyrant and always be in the right, it means the needs of the customer is what drives the market. If Karen can find another hairdresser who would put up with her attitude then fair play to her, but somehow I don’t think she will. Maybe going viral for being an absolute dickhead might convince her to treat people with respect next time though.

To watch a Karen threaten to kill her neighbour’s dog because he changed the WiFi password to stop her stealing it, click HERE. Unbelievable.


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