Getting FaceTimed By The Entire Kardashian Family Staring At You Is Pure Nightmare Fuel

This is the scariest thing imaginable.

So there’s this TikTok trend happening where a group of girls get together and FaceTime random dudes to get their immediate reaction, and it usually results in the subject being super uncomfortable and awkward and just generally wondering WTF is happening.

The Kardashians decided to take this idea and do their own version of it – FaceTiming random celebrity buddies like Justin Bieber and Dave Chappelle to see how they’d react:

Yikes! Feels like the beginning of a horror movie or something. 7 days before they turn up at your front door to harvest your body parts for cosmetic surgery if you answered their call. You can genuinely see the terror in Hailey Baldwin/Bieber’s eyes when she answers and sees no less than six Kardashians staring blankly into her soul.

The biggest shocker for me though was seeing Dave Chappelle in there. Couldn’t Kylie Jenner at least have spelt his name right? I mean if you’re lucky enough to have Dave Chappelle in your phone book the least you can do is spell his name properly. Perfect response from him as well just smoking a cigarette and being completely terrified. Big up Travis Scott as well for practically hanging up the phone immediately when he realised what was happening.

Apparently there’s a part 2 coming which I guess could be the Kardashian girls FaceTiming every NBA player they’ve ever shagged? Make it happen.

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