Kanye West Is Launching A Video Game And It Looks Completely Wack

Kanye west video game

I can’t tell if he’s being serious.

So it looks like Kanye West is extending his franchise by bringing out his own video game named ‘Only One’. He premiered the trailer at E3 today and it’s apparently dedicated to his late mum Donda.

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Kanye has been working on the game for over a year now, with the help of Encyclopedia Pictura. There’s no official release date as of yet, but he has dropped the trailer, so it’s definitely on its way. Check it out:

Erm, OK. I mean, I’m sure that he was trying to make this a beautiful tribute to his mum, which is a lovely thought. But it doesn’t seem like this is going to make for a decent gaming experience. Maybe I don’t know enough about video games but I can’t imagine what this is going to involve and what the content or aim of the game will be. Feels like this could just be another vanity project for the delusion of KW.

As well, I hate to say it, but this really reminds me of the Kanye South Park episode – don’t know why. Like as if this trailer was the prelude to the fish song. You know the one I mean right?

Meh, OK, maybe not. But it’s always good to remind ourselves of that song – it sure beats anything he’s written.

I wonder if this new game is part of his plan to make the human race ‘better’ in 100 years?


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