Kanye West Asks Twitter To Guess His New Album Title, Gets Completely Torn To Shreds

Kanye West must be the most brutalised human being in Twitter history.

In two days, Kanye West will debut his new album in a live concert that will be streamed around the world, but he still hasn’t decided what the actual album title is, after briefly settling on ‘SWISH’ and then ‘WAVES’ earlier last month.

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Kanye is now being super coy over his latest idea for the title — stating only its initials as “T.L.O.P”.

He then had a brainwave to ask people to guess what the album title was and win themselves tickets/trainers:

Here’s how Twitter responded:

Ouch – that”s got to sting. Or maybe as Kanye taught us the other week – any publicity is good publicity.


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