Kanye West Loved That Spinning Kick KO So Much He Made A Song To Go Along With It

Kanye was really impressed.

UFC newcomer Joaquin Buckley has the most viewed/reTweeted/liked video in UFC history following his unreal spinning kick KO on the weekend, and it turns out Kanye West was so impressed by it that he put multiple angles of the knockout on loop and recorded a new song over it.

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It’s, um… not great to be honest. But have a listen anyway:

Like I said, not the greatest thing he’s ever put out. It sounds a bit like an old unfinished demo he thought would fit the clip and just lazily put it together? Actually it can’t be that old because it includes the lyric “you’re talking to a Presidential candidate” so must have been written recently. Who knows what the truth is?

Either way, must be an amazing feeling to be Joaquin Buckley right now. Last week nobody had even heard of the guy and now he’s got Kanye West making theme music for him and a viral clip that will live forever on the internet and ‘best KO’ compilations until the end of time.

Not to mention it sounds like he got a very generous bonus for his efforts:

Meanwhile, his opponent Impa Kasanganay issued a classy response (as shared by Joe Rogan):

So anyway, maybe stick to some older Kanye West stuff if this one isn’t doing it for you. If it was any good, maybe Joaquin Buckley could have used it at his next fight? Missed opportunity for Kanye there.

For news that the Kanye West/Joe Rogan podcast episode could finally be happening soon, click HERE.


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