Kanye West Wants To Be A Guest On ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ This Week

Make it happen.

Kanye West has reached out to Joe Rogan to ask if he can appear on his podcast this week, after releasing his first US election campaign ad.

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You might remember how Kanye announced he was going to appear on The Joe Rogan Experience last year, but the episode never materialised, with Rogan explaining that he had spoken to Kanye on the phone and decided it may not be in the rapper’s best interests to do a live long-form interview, what with his mental health issues and all.

Well, it looks like Kanye now wants to give it a go, reaching out to Rogan for an invite on Twitter alongside a clip of Rogan talking about him on the show:

If this happens, which I hope it does, it will probably be the most viewed/downloaded podcast episode in history. It also has the potential to go completely off the rails as you never quite know what Kanye West is going to come out with or how he might react if Joe Rogan challenges him on something wacky he says. No doubt we’ll get the classic Rogan DMT question, to which I think Kanye will respond in the affirmative? Definitely think Kanye has tripped balls on DMT by this point.

Seriously though, if Kanye goes on JRE and gets to talk non-stop for 2 or 3 hours there’s an 100% chance he’s going to say something completely insane. For the sake of all our entertainment let’s hope no one talks him out of it and that Joe Rogan and Young Jamie are making arrangements as we speak, because you can guarantee this will be a must-watch episode. Can’t wait.

For the 2011 clip that people are trying to ‘cancel’ Joe Rogan over, click HERE.


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