Kanye West Is Refusing To See Kim Kardashian After Divorce Jibe

Not looking good for Kanye.

We’ve all had our eyes glued on Kanye West this week as he suffered a very public meltdown, beginning at a South Carolina presidential rally and continuing with a Twitter triad in which he claimed his wife Kim Kardashian was having an affair with Meek Mill and he was trying to divorce her.

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We haven’t heard much from him in the past couple of days, but TMZ and their sources are reporting that things aren’t getting better between Kim and Kanye. Here’s what they had to say:

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Doesn’t sound like it’s going to well for anyone involved there does it? I’m no fan of Kanye – I think he’s a knob to be honest, albeit an entertaining and talented one – but let’s hope he manages to figure all this out and come out the other side OK. Fingers crossed.

For more of the same, check out Kanye saying he wanted to have sex with Kim’s sisters. Probably not a wise move.


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